• GJS Couriers use the best technology to help you book, track and manage your courier jobs
  • Online booking with your own personal address book saves time and money
  • Real time updates via our online system provide live progress of every job
  • Electronic proof of delivery emailed within seconds of delivery
  • Our robust industry leading systems provide customers with complete transparency
  • Integrate your system with ours via the GJS Hub for a direct link to GJS Couriers
  • EDI technology solutions available to high volume users
  • Bespoke systems projects undertaken if required

At GJS, our aim is to provide the most reliable, flexible and transparent service in the same day courier market. We use industry leading technology to help us achieve this.

Our extensive array of same day courier systems are always being improved and our goal is to provide our customers with tangible benefits, both in terms of cost savings and improving working practises.

Tools such as full online booking via MyGJS, with customer specific address books and customisable fields take the stress out of booking jobs. The same system also allows our customers to track the progress of live jobs in real time, via updates from our courier. In addition our customers are able to manage and check back on past jobs in the event of any queries.


Once a consignment is delivered by our courier they will obtain an electronic signature proof of delivery on their PDA device. This electronic proof of delivery is then instantly emailed to the customer, a process which prevents them from having to chase for paper PODs and delivery updates. Our customers see this as a real cost and time saving benefit.

We have also developed the ‘GJS Hub’ which allows for system integration, providing a direct link to GJS Couriers. The GJS Hub is powered by EDI technology and is designed with large booking volumes and muti-site operations in mind. Please click here to see the range of benefits associated with using the GJS Hub.

GJS have also undertaken several, customer specific projects such as electronic invoicing, barcode & RFID scanning solutions, eCommerce distribution & inventory management and many more.

Our ethos of continuous systems improvement ensures that our customers will always enjoy the benefits of the latest, cutting edge technology.

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