GPS Enabled Fleet

  • All vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices
  • Allows our controllers to manage or fleet with excellent efficiency
  • Improves collection and delivery times
  • Ensures we never lose sight of your consignment
  • Lowers our carbon footprint by eliminating excessive and unnecessary mileage
  • Snail trial allows controllers to check historic journeys in the event of a query
  • Tracking devices work in the UK and abroad

Each GJS vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking device which enables us to pinpoint its exact location, both in the UK and Europe.

This technology allows our controllers to manage our fleet in the most efficient way, resulting in quicker collections , and ultimately deliveries. Tracking our vehicles also means that we can monitor the location of our customer’s consignments at all times and easily provide accurate ETAs.


In the event of any historic queries we are able to access past ‘snail trail’ reports for each vehicle. This provides us with an audited breakdown of the exact route that was taken by a vehicle during any given time required.

Our tracking software is also used to help lower our carbon footprint by lowering any unnecessary or dead miles. We are also able to monitor courier driving habits and styles which can help us combat against inefficiencies via training and education.

All of our tracking devices are set up to work in Europe and in the past have helped us to assist with deliveries as far away as Greece, Turkey and Romania.

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